Thursday, November 23, 2017

Local Governments Should Decide Integrated Casino Resorts’ Fate in Japan

Speaking during the MGS Summit 2017 yesterday, the Chief Executive Officer of Capital & Innovation Co. Ltd, Mr. Takayoshi Koike claimed that it is not the central government that is entitled to select the gambling companies allowed to operate in the country, but the local ones.
At the time he spoke at this year’s edition of the MGS Summit, Mr. Takayoshi paid extra attention at the advantages forming the basis of the development of Integrated Resorts (IRs) in Japan and the occurring business potential.
Mr. Takayoshi also commented on the influence that Integrated Resorts have on the entire economy, saying that they expect the gross gaming product (GGR) of Japan to increase to a total amount of $20 billion. He further explained that the Japanese Government might give the green light to the development process of up to nine Integrated Resorts across the country. According to him, only one or two IRs might get the authorities’ approval in the initial stage.
The Capital & Innovation Co.’s CEO, who is known for his experience working at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, praised the massive potential of the Integrated Resorts and their possible future market capitalization in the country, saying they could bring between $2.5 and $3 billionto Japan.


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